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Nouvel Catholic Central Schools Marketing/Advancement Director
Job Description

Status: Full-time, Exempt, Salary

Position Statement

The Marketing/Advancement Director delivers a strong, effective, ethical and dynamic leadership to support its mission to have a high functioning Marketing/Advancement Office that can produce measurable results in marketing, enrollment and fundraising for the families we serve. Our children and their families deserve every effort that can be made to produce enhanced quality, revenue and value in the programs offered at Nouvel Catholic Schools.

Position Description

I. The Marketing/Advancement Director must demonstrate leadership by a visible, positive interactive presence in meetings and events in the schools, community and churches in order to:
a. develop relationships and resources that benefit our school system
b. ensure that our community knows the function of the Marketing/ Advancement Office and how it supports NCC
c. invite others to consider support of NCC in financial resources, assistance in events, and active participation in its mission
d. articulate the short-term and long-term advantages of a NCC education
e. craft messages with professional collaborators to highlight key attributes of NCC (such as academic excellence, individualized attention to each student, opportunities in extracurricular activities)

II. The Marketing/Advancement Director provides organized marketing, enrollment and fundraising initiatives with the following goals:
a. Meet or exceed benchmark objectives in student enrollment, attentive to the supporting efforts for successful assimilation in the NCC environment.
• Supporting the annual or periodic initiatives and events which cultivate relationships and commitments to NCC
b. Market the positive qualities of NCC programs and develop connections with all entities to enhance the resources
• Strengthening and re-enforcing development goals, with strategies that strengthen a sense of accomplishment in NCC
• Envisioning and communicating marketing goals and assuring resources are available to meet the future needs of NCC
c. Meet or exceed benchmark objectives in fundraising, as outlined in the NCC Board of Trustees Strategic Plan
• Supervise the efforts of volunteers and staff in events and outreach initiatives for solicitation of funds
• Liaison to all individuals and entities that provide revenue in all forms (scholarship, endowment, tuition assistance, donations).
• Develop alumni relations and data base
• Develop and coordinate the strategic use of data and technology to provide positive communication and timely information to all stakeholders connected to Nouvel Catholic Schools ( Dyancal, Student Tracker and/or other forms of software licenses that might improve messaging and communications).
• Nurture relationships with parish liaisons who will promote the fundraising and community building endeavors of NCC.


The Marketing/Advancement Director is directly accountable to the President of NCC; together, they will assess the most efficient and effective outreach efforts in fulfillment of the pertinent sections of the NCC Board of Trustees Strategic Plan. The Marketing/Advancement Director demonstrates this relationship through consultation sessions on a regular and requested basis. The Marketing/ Advancement Director carries out other responsibilities as determined from time to time by the President

Qualifications and Skills

Practicing Catholic preferred
Provide dynamic, positive and visible presence in the school, church, community and at community events.
Minimum of an Associate's Degree in Business, Marketing, Communications [Bachelor Degree preferred]
Experience implementing programs, hosting events, cultivating positive relationships and developing marketing and fund-raising presentations.
Excellent speaking, writing and interpersonal skills. Skilled communicator in electronic and traditional media
Must believe in and engage in the mission of Catholic education
Exceptional organizational skills to be utilized within a collaborative team, in which each supports and supplements the efforts of the other
Must be a self-motivated, energetic and place the highest importance on building trust and serving others, with supervisory skills
Must be willing to be accountable and demonstrate measurable positive results according to the NCC Strategic Plan
Certifications and/or training in technology, software licenses and social media
Valid driver's license required

VI. Collaborative Relationships

• Works closely with the Principal and Vice-Principal, Financial Director, and Guidance Director of NCC to ensure accuracy and specificity in communication
• Written and oral reports to the NCC Board of Trustees
• Collaborates with the Diocesan Office of Development regarding marketing initiatives
• Promotes the efforts of volunteers and the NCC staff and faculty

VII. Professional Organizations

The Coordinator shall be a member of national or regional organizations that are related to her or his area.

VIII. Working Conditions

• Frequent weekend and evening meetings and events are often necessary in order to meet the requirements of the position.
• Driving is required for meetings which fulfill the requirements of the position.

IX. Physical Demands

The physical demands of the position would include the ability to bend and lift up to 25 pounds, using safety precautions. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to stand, walk, bend, reach, sit, listen, communicate clearly, and use repetitive motion of the hands/wrists and feet.

Please send cover letter, resume and transcripts to:
Nouvel Catholic Central High School,
2555 Weineke,
Saginaw, Michigan, 48603

Or e-mail: mfrost@sacschools.org



Nouvel Catholic Central Elementary Skilled Maintenance position:

Nouvel Catholic Central Elementary School is seeking a full time skilled maintenance person who will be responsible for general maintenance of the building both inside and out and ensure that the facilities are in good order and functional.  The person must also have good interpersonal skills and be willing to work well with others.

The candidate must have experience and solid technical knowledge. The candidate must also possess manual dexterity, physical stamina and some basic knowledge of HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. 

Please submit your resume to:

Sr. Ann deGuise

2136 Berberovich St.

Saginaw, MI 48603

 or email to: adeguise@sacschools.org

Deadline date – September 15









Nouvel Catholic
Central Schools

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